The Indian Head Riverwatch Upland and Riverwalk, is located at 165 Riverwatch Drive. Visitors to the Boardwalk will experience a 1,200 feet Upland Nature Walk that meanders through 10 acres of wooded Town-owned property that couples to a 1,200 feet Riverwalk along the Potomac River shoreline.

Any visitor who explores the Upland Nature Walk will experience a total immersion in nature, complete with bald eagles nesting overhead. Once upon the Upland Nature Walk, explorers will be able to walk past and touch trees that are over 100 years old, plus observe natural ecosystems,

such as mature wetlands as the walk gives way to the Potomac River.

Once visitors reach the Potomac River, the Upland Nature Walk transitions to the Town of Indian Head’s Riverwalk and Living Shoreline. The Riverwalk stretches along the Indian Head Cliffs for approximately 1,200 feet. As visitor’s travel on the Riverwalk, they are able to look across the Potomac River to many points in Virginia. The constructed Living Shoreline that is situated between the Riverwalk and the Indian Head Cliffs allows for visitors to observe natural processes coupled with geologic

history. Deposited natural driftwood covers the shoreline and helps to armor the toe of the cliffs and protect against erosion. Naturally planted grasses help secure the sands along the shoreline from eroding, as well.

The Town of Indian Head Upland Nature Walk and Riverwalk totals 2,400 linear feet that takes visitors on an unparalleled journey through multiple different ecosystems. Indian Head is the only town in Maryland that possesses a boardwalk of such magnitude.


No alcohol or fishing is permitted on the Riverwalk.