Town Services

Trash Collection - All residential and commercial units within the Town shall avail themselves of the Town's curb-side trash collection

Residential/Multiple Residential Rate:  $90.00 (per dwelling unit) - Billed quarterly

Includes twice per week curb-side pickups and one per week recyclable products pickup 

Commercial Rate:  Billed quarterly
Includes twice per week curb-side pickups and one per week recyclable products pickup 

Category I  Dumpster (4 cubit yards)    $500.00
Category II
 Maximum 2 cans (per unit)     $100.00 
 Each additional can    $46.00
* See Code 74.8 Storage for refuse containers specifications/requirements

Recycling Services - Thursday pickup - year-round

Recycling Do's & Don'ts

* Please contact the Town Hall for your recycling container @ 301-743-5511

Yard Waste Removal

Bagged yard waste: Wednesday pickup - year-round
  • Please place curbside.
  • Keep regular household trash containers separate from yard waste.
  • Grass clippings and leaves must be placed in brown paper bags or in a trash container marked "Yard Waste". 
  • Brush must be bundled and must not be any longer than four feet (4') in length.
  • Individual pieces of brush must not be any larger than six inches (6") in diameter.

Fall leaf vacuum collection:  Wednesday pickup during the fall season, weather permitting.
  • Only leaves free of sticks, rocks and debris can be raked to the curb.
  • Do not rake leaves onto the paved portion of the streets or into storm-drains.
  • Please be patient - Due to the large volume of leaves, the entire Town cannot always be covered in a single day.  The crew will conduct one complete pass through the Town before doubling back.
Bulk Trash Pickup: Wednesday - Scheduled Pickups Only
  • $50 Fee - cash, money order or credit card to be paid when scheduled
  • Call the Town Hall @ 301-743-5511 to schedule pickup.

Water & Sewer:
 Billed Quarterly - Billing Quarter information and Usage Rate Chart

  Residential    Minimum Rate    $75.00 
   per 1,000 gallons used           $7.00
  Commercial      Minimum Rate      $217.00
   per 1,000 gallons used    $7.00

Bay Restoration Fee:  This fee is mandated by law and is to be used to upgrade waste-water treatment plants and for the prevention of nutrient discharges into the Chesapeake Bay.
All monies collected are sent to the State of Maryland Comptroller's Office.

Residential:  $15.00 (per dwelling unit) - Billed quarterly

Commercial: $15.00 (base rate) - Billed quarterly
anything over 23,000 gallons is charged at an additional rate of .668 per 1,000 gallons