Online Bill Pay

Bills Mailed: 4/9/24
Bills Due: 5/10/24
Past Due Bills Mailed: 5/13/24
Final Notices Mailed: 5/20/24
Water Cut Offs: 5/28/24

Please follow the link below to pay your utility bill online:
*Please note there is a $1.95 service charge to pay with an eCheck*
*Please note there is a 2.95% service charge to pay with a credit/debit card*
*Please note the Town charges a $25 fee for any returned payments*
*Please note that the online payment system will not process payments over $600*

*When paying to avoid cut off or to have water restored you will have to call the Town Hall at 301-743-5511 after you have made your payment to inform them the payment has been made and to set up restoration of your service. Reminder - The balance must be paid in full for service to be restored and you will need to to pay your $30 restoration fee over the phone before restoration will be scheduled. Water restoration is done between 9:30am and 3:30pm Monday thru Friday and someone 18yrs or old is required to be present at the residence for water to be restored.(hours of restoration may change due to holidays or the office closing early)* 


To make a payment online:

1. Enter in your Utility Account ID
2. Enter in your Utility Account PIN


The account number and pin number are in the upper left hand portion of your bill. 


After you enter in your Account Information, your charges will appear on the screen.


3. Select the Make a Payment button
4. Select the method of payment and enter the payment amount
5. Select Continue
6. You will receive a Confirmation screen, select Continue or Cancel


  • If you select Continue, you will be redirected to the FIS webpage where you will be prompted to enter in your Credit Card or Bank Account information.


7.  Once all fields are completed, select Continue